Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How long does a title search take?

A Title searches vary based on the extent of the search and the volume of searches being done.  Normally, a search will take anywhere from a week to two weeks.

Q: Who should I be communicating with on my closing?
A:  Once your file is opened in our office, we enter your information into our database and assign a file number for our reference.  Your file is then provided to our Transaction Coordinator who will contact you with information as to the person that will be processing your closing in our office.  Your processor will be your contact throughout the closing.
Q: What do I do if I feel like I need legal advice
A:  Contact your processor in our office with your question. Your processor will be able to refer you to knowledgeable attorneys in the area that might be able to answer your questions for you.
Q: I will need to bring money to closing.  What form of payment is accepted?

A:  Generally, any funds required at closing should be in the form of a wire.  Our Transaction Coordinator will provide our wiring instructions.  You will need to contact your bank to set up the wire to be sent from your account to our Escrow Account.   Please see Disclosures tab for more information as to wires.

Wires weren’t always required, however, due to the increase in counterfeit cashier’s checks and the holds that banks can place on the collection of funds from a cashier’s checks, we no longer accept them.  You see, funds for your closing must be disbursed as immediately available funds to whomever they are to be disbursed to.  If a bank places a hold on these funds, they are not immediately available.  Please contact your processor with any questions about our receipt of funds.

NOTE:  Some banks charge their customers for sending out wires.  Please be aware of these charges when requesting funds be wired from your account.  

Q: What else might I need to bring to closing?

A:  For Notary purposes, we require a photo-identification, preferably your Valid Drivers License.  Your passport may also be provided.  If you do not have a valid drivers license, please contact our office immediately so that we can discuss alternatives.

Often, a lender might require that you bring other documentation to closing.  If so, please bring any documentation that your lender requests you to specifically bring to closing.